aga mlotkowska


:: moi drodzy, na chwile obecną zmuszona byłam wstrzymać zapisy w Warszawie.  Od października 2014 będę tatuowała w Polsce jedynie gościnnie lub przy okazji festiwali.


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:: please mail me:

:: my portfolio  http://www.agamlotkowska/

celine ganesh a school

mandalas mandala cz1 st ben


whiterabbit scorpion corbeau aja agz


fenix sowa at koliber

cyber cats flying castle gbts_sp marz wrobel2

tryptyk2 tryptyk1

Manchester Tattoo Show 2012

Manchester Tattoo Show 2012

3 thoughts on “aga mlotkowska

    • Love your style! Maybe you will have a free spot in Amsterdam? I will get a piece on saturday from 11h till 14h-15h so maybe we can plan an appointment later in the afternoon?

      Hope to have something done by you in Amsterdam



  1. Had the opportunity to get work done from Aga. Not only is she the best young tattoo artist in the world but she’s also a very sweet and friendly person. She’s meticulous in her work and very very passionate. She took time out from her busy schedule and worked with me to create something unique and distinct. Aga is a fantastic artist and her style is brilliant. If u are looking for some ink that is distinct in nature and are willing to give “new” a shot Aga is the one to meet. Her studio is extremely clean and homely and located within the heart of warsaw. Do send her an email or call in advance and you won’t regret it. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet her and wish her the very best..

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